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Bear Glass is the 4th generation family business specializing in acid-etched glass and mirror. We are the largest stocking distributor of acid-etch glass and mirror in the nation, with over a hundred different varieties. As the world’s largest distributer of acid etched glass and mirror sheets we carry glass from around the world: OmniDecor, Noval, GrayGlass, including acid etched glass and mirror from India, China, Europe, and the United States. 

Acid-Etch glass and mirror is perfect for both interior and exterior applications. It is found in many residential applications such as home decor and furniture components. Some of the suggested applications are: interior partitions, shelving, interior and exterior doors, railings, furniture components, shower and bath enclosures, and more. Let your imagination decide the perfect application for your projects.


Stop waiting around and give us a call for all your acid etched glass needs!

Bear Glass acid-etched glass products offer a wealth of opportunities to architects, interior designers and decorators. The consistent quality, durability and rich look of Textures products is unmatched. Bear Glass creates a translucent satin appearance which obscures view while maintaining a high level of light transmittance.


Acid-etched Glass Advantages


  • Consistent finish and appearance
  • Maintenance free
  • More mar-resistant than sandblasted glass
  • Does not peel or discolor like films
  • Does not scratch off like coatings

Acid Etched Glass

Bear Glass is supplying high quality acid etched glass(also called frosted glass or fingerprint free glass ) in one side or both sides.
one side acid etched glass both side acid etched glass
We also supply kinds of acid etched obscured glass in some patterns. Click here
For decoration requirement, clear/tinted float glass , obscured glass, mirror all can be acidetched on the surface.
We also supply deep acid etched glass in different designs.
SSG-001 SSG-002 SSG-003
SSG-004 SSG-005 SSG-006

If you are an architect, a designer, glass fabricator, project manager or any other glass professional, Bear Glass can help you write your acid-etched glass and mirror specifications.


Contact us



Bear Glass Inc.
399 20th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Phone: 718-832-3604
Fax: 718-832-0786
Email: bearglass@yahoo.com


Bear Glass Showroom
167 Mott St,
NY,NY 10013-5442
Phone: 212-219-1679
Email: info@bearglass.com


Dive right in with Bear Glass!!!

Antique Mirrors

Our handmade antique mirrors have a natural and artistic finish, making each piece unique. Mirror antiquing, also known as distressed mirrors, is an important part of the design repertoire, transforming time and space. We offer multiple techniques to meet varying design requests. There are two distinctly different categories of Antique Mirrors. One has a decorative appearance while the other offers a more European style or realistic old world look and feel. Within each category are many styles to meet your requirements. Additionally, we welcome custom design requests.

Our Antiqued Mirrors are in homes, restaurants, casinos, on furniture and in hotels globally. We take pride in every custom Antique Mirror created and attention to detail is always our first and foremost concern.

Unfortunately many Antique Mirrors today are NOT HAND MADE, rather imported, mass-produced and machine made, which do not have an authentic old world look. Please Beware. Also we do have antique mirror stock sheets available, if desired.

Mirror Resilvering

Our quality service will not disappoint!!!

Each Antique mirror has its one unique look and feel, such as type of bevel, etching / engraving, shape, seeds/bubbles, waves and glass color. Many are irreplaceable heirlooms which long to be restored to their original reflective brilliance and luster. In order to accomplish this we remove the original tarnished reflective coating, clean the original glass and redeposit a fresh silver layer then seal the silver to protect the reflective coating. This process will give an Antique Mirror its original clarity and reflective brilliance it originally had.

Glass Silvering

Glass silvering / mirroring is accomplished by chemically depositing a unique silver solution on glass creating a high quality reflective surface. Since our process is hand crafted, we not only deposit clear silver (Mirror) on glass, we have the ability to create an Antique Mirror as well.

Walter’s Mirror has the ability to silver any type of glass surface. Listed are just a few applications for silvering. Let your imagination be your guide.

  • Tempered Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Textured Glass
  • Patterned Glass
  • Colored Glass
  • Slumped and Bent Glass
  • Restoration Glass
  • Any thickness Glass can be silvered
  • Hand Blown Glass
  • Acid Washed or Sandblasted Glass
  • Glass Vases and glass Containers
  • All types of Glass can be Silvered

We can silver just about anything that will accept the silver.

For more information please contact us at:


Bear Glass Inc.
399 20th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Phone: 718-832-3604
Fax: 718-832-0786
Email: bearglass@yahoo.com


Bear Glass Showroom
167 Mott St,
NY,NY 10013-5442
Phone: 212-219-1679
Email: info@bearglass.com

Bear Glass Now Does Pool Fences & Balustrading

Pool Fences & Balustrading

Happy Halloween From Bear Glass!!!!

Maintain an uninterrupted panoramic view of your pool and surrounding area with a frameless balustrade/pool fence designed to meet your personal requirements. All fully frameless gates have a specialized self-concealed floor spring and are fitted with child-proof locks to suit safety requirements.

Alternatively, you can choose a semi-frameless balustrade/pool fence, complemented with your choice of powder-coated aluminum or stainless steel posts.

All work is guaranteed to comply with all safety standards.

Glass Balustrading is rapidly becoming the first choice of all builders & home owners when needing an unobtrusive space divider. Constructed primarily from 12mm toughened safety glass, pool, balcony, stair and room partitioning balustrade provides a spacious solution to the design problem of barriers.
At Bear Glass we provide both semi-framed and frameless balustrade solutions; semi-framed having posts between the panels while frameless sees the glass bedded into a channel providing an obstruction free wall of glass creating spaciousness like no other partition can.

Glass pool fencing provides the best method of meeting legal safety requirements while meeting the aesthetic demand for minimal intrusion and maximum enjoyment of the pool. The glass balustrading can be supported in various ways depending on the nature of the pool surroundings or decking.

Semi-Framed Pool Balustrade

Pool Balustrading offers a safe yet open feel to any backyard pool. Enjoy the expansive atmosphere as you relax with the kids always in full sight

Frameless Pool Balustrading

Frameless Pool Balustrading is the ultimate in providing a clean spacious feel to the environment while having a safety factor second to none. You will always be able to see what is happening in and around your pool.

Balcony Balustrading

Balcony Balustrading offers unparalleled access to your property’s view. Add value and dimension to your property by having a safe barrier that allows you to see all that the environment has to offer. Give Bear Glass a call to discuss your balustrading needs.

Internal Balustrading

Internal Balustrading offers a clean, spacious feel to any home or office. Stylish and affordable this featured landing has been brought to life by a gorgeous curved glass balustrade.


Bear Glass Inc.399 20th StreetBrooklyn, NY 11215

PH: 718-832-3604FAX: 718-832-0786

email: bearglass@yahoo.com

The Story of Bear Glass


Work with us!!! You will be happy with our products and services!

It all started one day in 1923 when our great grandfather received a job delivering glass on the lower east side in Manhattan. He continued to learn the trade expanding his knowledge in flat glass. After 23 years of hands on experience, he finally purchased his own retail glass shop in 1946 which is still in business today. After 42 years working in the glass industry our great grandfather has retired passing on the business to his son in 1965. From this starting point we began to expand to a full service installation and distribution business until 1991 when Bear Glass was born.

Our papa bear joined us in 1995 with a vision to create a one stop glass shop offering numerous services for our customers. With his marketing ideas and business skills Bear Glass is one of the largest industry leaders today.

Bear Glass is a 4th generation family business which has grown substantially in the past years, it started from a small glass and mirror fabrication company to the full service multi facet and versatile business for all types of customers. We have constantly been a leader in exploring new fabrication technology in the glass industry as shown on our websites. Over the years we have continuously increased and duplicated our production capability to better serve our varied and growing customer base. In 2006 we moved into our new 25,000 sq ft state of the art facility located at 399 20th Street in Brooklyn to better serve our customers.

Here at Bear Glass Inc. we are capable of producing single pieces for custom and prototype applications as well as high volume production quantities. The Bear Glass family welcomes the opportunity to discuss your projects and ideas that require glass and/or mirror. ~We do anything in Glass!!~


Dont Look Now!!! Bear Glass Carries THE LARGEST inventory of antique mirrors in the USA!!!

Bear Glass now carries the largest inventory  of  antique mirrors in the United States. Our  antique mirrors are reproduced using a special silvering technique that is hand finished allowing us to create unique and colorful effects.

Ready or not here we come!!!

We offer 20 different types of Antique  Mirrors with exotic colors and patterns; they are available in sizes up to 48″ X 94″ and come in finishes from traditional distress antique to burst of colorful 3D effects. Use it for: walls, framed mirror inserts, furniture, bathrooms, back splashes, or anything you can imagine. We can also create custom antique mirror colors see our gallery for samples.

More info http://antiquemirror.biz

Create A Breathtaking Effect With Back Painted Glass!!!




Since 1979 Bear Glass has been a full glass and mirror fabricator in Brooklyn and New York City. We are 4th Generation Glazers. Our Factory is over 25,000 sq. feet and is filled with the most cutting edge equipment. We specialize in painting Glass as we have the largest stock of mirror and glass, even those hardest to find.

Our Back Painted Glass Products is an ideal solution for commercial and residential spaces. A back painted glass using ultra clear. low-iron Starphire glass, so the color you specify is the color you see. A proprietary, state-of-the-art paint technology is used to manufacture and fabricate Back Painted Glass in limitless color options using a durable heat-cured, two coat system. Size capabilities ranging from 4″ x 4″ to 96″ x 130″ are possible, with reproducible color consistency from the first piece to the last piece.


Back Painted Glass is more attractive and easier to maintain than tile!!!


Ideal for commercial, institutional, and residential spaces, Back Painted Glass can contribute towards LEED credits. Color options, color clarity, and extreme durability make Painted Glass the leader in back-painting for projects large and small; whether you require annealed, tempered, custom-cut, or laminated options for your projects.

Glass doesn’t always have to be transparent. We are able to Paint glass with almost any color or pattern to create a truly unique effect. Create a unique splashback for your kitchen or vanity with back painted glass.

Backpainted Glass

“Bear Glass” offers color Cote back painting for any variety of glass fabrication projects. With hundreds of colors to choose from, your project can be truly unique, bound only by the limits of your imagination. Luminous and opaque, back-painted glass will enhance any design project and can be used for walls, back-splashes, furniture, vanity tops, and more. Prepare to color your world with the beauty of back-painted glass.

Backpainted Glass

Please visit at:

www.BearGlass.com for more info!

Hand Beveling is just one of many services we provide.

“Bear Glass Does Everything In  Glass”

We do anything in glass!!!

IT is an age-old process which grinds away the edge of the glass to produce a chamfered or decorative finish.
Too small for the machine to bevel. For example, clock face, compact mirror, barometer.
Shapes. Machines are great but have their limitations and cannot do some shapes. Beveling gives us the flexibility to cover most shapes.
Decorative finish. Bevels do not have to be straight. There are different types of finishes, such as cross bevel, scallop bevel and rope bevel.