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The Story of Bear Glass


Work with us!!! You will be happy with our products and services!

It all started one day in 1923 when our great grandfather received a job delivering glass on the lower east side in Manhattan. He continued to learn the trade expanding his knowledge in flat glass. After 23 years of hands on experience, he finally purchased his own retail glass shop in 1946 which is still in business today. After 42 years working in the glass industry our great grandfather has retired passing on the business to his son in 1965. From this starting point we began to expand to a full service installation and distribution business until 1991 when Bear Glass was born.

Our papa bear joined us in 1995 with a vision to create a one stop glass shop offering numerous services for our customers. With his marketing ideas and business skills Bear Glass is one of the largest industry leaders today.

Bear Glass is a 4th generation family business which has grown substantially in the past years, it started from a small glass and mirror fabrication company to the full service multi facet and versatile business for all types of customers. We have constantly been a leader in exploring new fabrication technology in the glass industry as shown on our websites. Over the years we have continuously increased and duplicated our production capability to better serve our varied and growing customer base. In 2006 we moved into our new 25,000 sq ft state of the art facility located at 399 20th Street in Brooklyn to better serve our customers.

Here at Bear Glass Inc. we are capable of producing single pieces for custom and prototype applications as well as high volume production quantities. The Bear Glass family welcomes the opportunity to discuss your projects and ideas that require glass and/or mirror. ~We do anything in Glass!!~


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